Let the Blogging Begin: A Note from Tony Dreyfuss

Hello Blogopolis… Let’s kick this off. These are the notes from the undergrounds. As Dostoevsky famously began HIS Notes from Underground, “I am a sick man.” Indeed: we are sick for coffee.

Metropolis is anything but static. We have lots of moving parts–coffee in, coffee out. Alleyways between sacks of coffee – watch out for those people!  They are high on caffeine.

We have big ears, whiskers (some of us), bright eyes, and absorptive, eager minds. We are inspired by what we taste, see, feel, hear, see, and intuit.  See, we’re trying to do something here… something special. Here it is:

We think that most people in the world have not had a phenomenally incredible cup of coffee. The cup that makes you stop.  The cup that makes you start. We would like to change that.

Here is what we propose: We need to learn as much as we can about coffee, then learn more.  Then we need to give back and share what we have learned. We’ll share with words, techniques, and practices. We’ll share the way that we buy raw coffee, how we roast that coffee, and, most importantly, the way we communicate about coffee to the world. We won’t stop until everyone in the world can enjoy great coffee pretty much all the time.  In other words, we won’t be stopping anytime soon.

We have many voices in our company – baristas, roasters, productionists, drivers, green coffee buyers, and customers.  It is important that these perspectives be heard unfiltered.  A blog with only one message is not really a blog at all.  The message is the vibration and the hum of moving parts. Again, we are not static.  You will hear a number of voices on this blog, and they should all be heard as they are issued.

For example, Johnny Wheelman:  he pauses, mid-delivery, at a café to taste a shot of espresso.  He wants you to know about that particular shot of espresso.  That shot of espresso has a context and Johnny has a voice to bring a narrative to it.  Jeff Dreyfuss (left) believes that language, culture, and coffee are indistinguishable.  He’ll smyth-word until you are in his world.

Tony and Trey want you to know about all of our customers, old and new, and what’s happening at a café near you.  Caleb, Sean and Patrick bring you The Dock – a play-by-play from the cupping table at the Metropolis roasting garage.  Seth will keep you up on all that goes on at the café, even if you live so very far away.

We are up to a so many things right now. We are busy working with independent cafes, both new and established, to get ever better coffee and tea through the door and into the customers’ hands.

Restaurants are taking coffee seriously (finally!), and newbies to high quality coffee are having more and more ‘wow’ moments in the lobbies of boutique hotels, by-the-way independent cafes tucked into neighborhoods, and heck, maybe an aha-espresso at the bait shop by the lake.  More please.

It is that time between spring and summer – maybe sun, maybe not.  This is, without a doubt, the most exciting time of year for fresh coffee.  Coffee is literally bursting through our door.  These are not coffee dog days by any stretch. These are days to celebrate what brought you to this blog in the first place – not only a thirst for coffee, but innate curiosity, passion, and a taste for something much, much better.

Write your comments. Post your questions. Send us postcards from your kitchens. We relish it, and certainly promise to return your favor in kind. You can be a regular at Metropolis – just tune in, chime in, and help us get to that place where everyone can enjoy great coffee.

Metropolis Coffee Company

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