Summer Begins at The Cafe

Located in Edgewater, one of the country’s most eclectic locales, the Metropolis Cafe is relaxed and without attitude. Our customers come from all walks of life and we love ‘em all. And they seem to love our coffee and tea, our sweet and savory bites, and our accomplished vegan menu. Did we mention art, music…? Stop by–we’ll fill you in. 

Even though summer won’t officially begin until the 21st, it’s definitely nice to have some good, hot summer weather right now! Thanks to the newly warm weather we’ve seen an increase in iced drink sales here at the coffee house. If you haven’t done so yet, come in to try the 2010 blend of Prospero iced coffee.

The Prospero Summer Blend is a medium roast this year and seems to have a much richer flavor. Poured over ice it’s the perfect way to stay cool while still enjoying the exciting nuanced flavors of a signature Metropolis blend. We’ve also asked our barista to tap into their creative reservoirs and create some innovative new iced beverages for the summer. We figure this will be a fun way to beat the heat and exercise our right brains a little. Have an idea for a new iced drink? Send it over! We might just feature it that week—maybe even name it after you. Anyway, we’re always open to new ideas at the coffeehouse.

While we’re talking coffee… for those of you brave enough for a hot beverage on a hot day we have our fantastic Brazil FAF featured as the French Press of the Week. Not only does this coffee bowl you over with its deliciously complex flavor profile, it also comes from a really cool farm. The “FAF” part of the name stands for Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, a completely sustainable farm in Brazil. The people at FAF are not only environmentally minded, they’re working on innovative ways to build up their community. They’ve got their eye on good coffee and being good to the earth and the people who live on it—just the type of business we at Metropolis aim to support and model ourselves after.

Also, did you know about the culinary magic going on at the Metropolis kitchen?

Caitlin is, in all seriousness, a sorceress in the kitchen. The other day I was looking at the Metropolis Twitter (@mtropoliscoffee) and somebody actually said one of Caitlin’s sandwiches changed his life. Well, I believe it! If you haven’t had one of her new breakfast burritos yet, get yourself to the coffeehouse and try one. For one thing, it’s delicious. For another, it’s the perfect thing to throw in your bag (they’re wrapped) and take to the beach. For another, it’s delicious. Oh wait … I said that.

She has also heeded the call some of you put out for vegan items, like the aforementioned breakfast burrito, for example, since we should be thinking about our beach bodies. I don’t know, should we? I think I’ll have another burrito.

Seth J. A. Alexander

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