Technology, People & FourSquare at the Cafe

Located in Edgewater, one of the country’s most eclectic locales, the Metropolis Cafe is relaxed and without attitude. Our customers come from all walks of life and we love ‘em all. And they seem to love our coffee and tea, our sweet and savory bites, and our accomplished vegan menu. Did we mention art, music…? Stop by–we’ll fill you in.

Wow, I cannot believe it’s July already!¬†June flew by for us at the coffeehouse, but that is probably because we have been pretty busy!

The first order of business has been to update our front of the house sales system. Yes, we had had the same one since we opened over 6 years ago. It had a good run, but let’s face it… it was a dinosaur. As much as I love dinosaurs, it was time for a change. Jeff and Tony hooked us up with a really great new register system, but since we’re so used to rockin’ it archaic-style, the transition has definitely kept us on our toes. Huzzah for technology! I am really thankful for all of our great customers, who have been extremely patient with us as we fumble around with the new system. Ultimately, it is going to allow us to serve you all even better, and we hope even more quickly… in the future.

Speaking of bright futures, I have to give a shout out to our barista, Sienna. Sienna’s last day was Sunday, 27 June. She has elected to leave us to follow her dream, and even though we will definitely miss her, we cannot fault her for having future goals in her sights. Thank you, Sienna, for 4 years of smiles and amazing … can I say “kick-ass”? … espresso drinks, and best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

All I can say is keep an eye on us. We have got some seriously cool new things coming to the menu in the next month! That’s it, now you just have to deal with the … … … anticipation.

One last thing: FourSquare. Do you know what this is? Well, starting checking in at M-town and maybe you’ll get a surprise.

Stay cool and caffeinated!
Seth JAA

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