Café Questions: To Wi-Fi or Not To Wi-Fi?

During our recent exhausting-satisfying-enthralling experience at Lollapalooza 2010, we noticed fewer and fewer people standing around using their cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices–especially the younger attendees. They seemed more intent on the music than texting or tweeting.

Then, we sat down to work (a.k.a. recovering from Lolla) and see a couple articles questioning the presence of wi-fi in coffee shops, noting that shops in Seattle and elsewhere have decided to eschew Internet access for various reasons: social connectivity, table “camping,” and general aesthetic.

We like trodding the ivories on our Mac as much as the next coffee shop denizen… but what do you think? There’s this article/video from KING 5 NEWS in Seattle and another good look at the coffee shop Wi-Fi situation by the LA Times. We’ve collected some of the comments from our fans, followers & plain old friends & family.

Wi-Fi/Not to Wi-Fi Facebook Comments

Wi-Fi/Not to Wi-Fi Twitter Comments

We got a lot of response on Twitter when we tweeted: “Nice piece in @conducivemag on whether to turn off wi-fi at #coffee shops. We just turned off signal at Metropolis Cafe. #whatdoyouthink?“ The response was immediate and only moderately neck-wringing (could have been worse if we weren’t answering these as they came up).

If you’ve read to this point, you’re a true coffee geek and should also check out Metropolis Coffee Company co-owner Tony Dreyfuss’ blog post on how to turn a common barista problem into a solution: the venti dry cappuccino.

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