Cafe Artist of the Month: Miss Panic

Located in Edgewater, one of the country’s most eclectic locales, the Metropolis Café is relaxed and without attitude. Our customers come from all walks of life and we love ‘em all. And they seem to love our coffee and tea, our sweet and savory bites, and our accomplished vegan menu. Did we mention art, music…? Stop by–we’ll fill you in.

Canvas is just a generic term for any surface upon which Metropolis Cafe’s featured artist, Miss Panic, decides to place her decidedly non-generic art. Iconic female figures (mermaids? ghosts?) get the treatment; we’re not sure what kind of treatment. Nothing is out of bounds for Panic, though what’s in her work seems to be there for a reason.

Her different types of “canvas” include leftover pieces of paper, broken skateboards and anything that takes her artistic fancy and will hold paint. She’s also been experimenting with materials she uses, including coffee, red wine and whiskey. Some of the pieces on display at Metropolis Cafe were actually created with Metropolis Coffee as an ingredient.

“I’ve been in Chicago for a year and a half, and started using organic ingredients in my work because I was inspired by the city, differently than I was by rural North Carolina,” says Miss Panic. “My style changes depending on how much time I have, but I’m constantly doing art, whether on a piece of paper, or a piece of wood I found in the alley. Some friends bring me their broken skateboards; I work with whatever’s around me.

“I feel like I’ve done a lot of changing within myself, being comfortable in my own skin, and Chicago has been a part of that–of making me feel proud of myself.”

It’s not all her adopted city, as Miss Panic also credits her tendency to happen past antique malls and vintage sales. Inspiration is everywhere, she says: “The show, ‘Ren & Stimpy‘ inspires me with the colors and how gross it can be sometimes,” she says. “I just started a really [messed] up mermaid series with halos and snaggle teeth and…I’ve always put quotes in my stuff to see how the audience feels about certain things.”

Feelings are rife throughout her work, no doubt. Check it out at Metropolis Cafe through Oct. 3 or on her website [explicit]. The pieces currently featured at the cafe can be purchased on-site or bought over the phone if willing to pay for shipping.

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