Latte Art Throwdown 2010

Groups of people standing on tables, talking tons of trash and sometimes throwing things (none of that, please!).

No, it’s not pro wrestling, it’s our Blindfolded Latte Art Throwdown! Come by our Roasting Garage in Andersonville on Dec. 9 (this Thursday!) to see what baristas and coffee geeks do when they’re feeling all “Mad Max” ‘n’ stuff.

Blindfolded Latte Art Throwdown

When: Thursday, Dec. 9

How to Enter: Show up by 10:00 p.m., pay $5

Where: Roasting Garage, 5545 N. Clark

Anyone can show up and enter: $5 gets you in the competition (deadline for entering: 10 p.m.) and that’s where the fun begins. Because our competitors won’t…be…able…to…see, it’s like pin the tail on the donkey, but the “tail” is steamed milk and the “donkey” is a sweet latte built with Metropolis Coffee Company beans.

Why blindfold people when they’re working with hot liquid?

“You do the whole thing blindfolded–steam your milk, pull your shot and pour your drink,” says Metropolis roaster Zak Rye. “The night’s winner will designate funds earned from the night to his/her favorite charity.” Why? “It’s a leveler, meaning there are some incredibly top-level, high-end, ass-kicking baristas in Chicago–but we want everyone to feel comfortable jumping into the fray.”

The Rules

Standard latte art throwdown rules apply with some modifications:

1. You have three minutes to pour your drink.
2. You only get one pitcher of milk.
3. Judged on symmetry, contrast, originality.

Other than that, the rules are out the door: “These can get pretty crazy and often end with people yelling, screaming and talking a lot of sh*t,” says Rye. “It gets pretty wild.”

Why are we doing this again? “We’re trying to help build the coffee community in Chicago,” says Rye. “Many of the quality-focused shops in the city have been doing this on their own and this is about getting everyone together and working together for a common cause.”

BYO for beverages other than coffee. All funds raised will go to the winners’ charity of choice; could be yours!

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