Syrup–No Pancakes–at Metropolis Cafe

At Metropolis Coffee Company, we are responsible for most everything we pass on to our customers, buying mainly beans and the equipment to roast and distribute them.

So, working with our magnificent kitchen guru at Metropolis Cafe, Caitlin McGlone (also of Cash fame), it seemed natural to develop our own house-made syrups. We’ll still use the well-regarded MONIN syrups, as do so many around the globe.

Caitlin has been the mad scientist (with a plan) in the back of Metropolis Cafe and this is the result: basil, raspberry, almond, peppermint and lemon syrups–on this day. The experiment continues. We’ve seen her doing strange things with ginger lately, too, is all we’re saying–same with chocolate and caramel.

“It’s kind of like making hard candy,” says McGlone, who also prepares excellent vegan and gluten-free goods for the Cafe. “You use a lower temperature and don’t cook it down as much, so it’s able to not crystalize. It’s a tender, tricky process.

“You have to watch it. It doesn’t take a long time to make a batch but if you’re not using extracts, you need to let it steep and it strengthens as the day goes on.”

Biggest difference noticed so far? A light, more diffuse texture which, dropped right on the tongue, spreads out on the tongue and dissipates with a pleasant finish. More processed blends seem a bit more tight to us.

So, if you stop in and see a jar full of busily steeping fruit, or notice an occasional change in the consistency of the syrup in your drink, let us know what you think. It’s a work in progress. Hope you enjoy!

Fresh Ginger Lemon Zest
Whole Foods Vegan Cane Sugar The Kitchen in Syrup-Making Mode

Syrups in Production at Metropolis Cafe


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