Tea Extravaganza at Metropolis Roasting Garage

Short of having the opportunity to take off on a round-the-world tour dedicated to the countless real life and ineffable qualities of tea that make it such an integral beverage in daily life on Planet Earth, Metropolis Coffee Company, Rishi Tea, and Chicago Coffees and Teas are proud to offer an evening dedicated to tea at a deep level, the “Rishi Tea Extravaganza.”

Everyone’s welcome, especially our friends in the hospitality industry, for whom tea can mean an enriched work experience and a new/increased source of revenue for restaurants, hotels and offices. Restaurateurs, hoteliers, entrepreneurs, mixologists, sommeliers, baristas and, especially, current customers of Metropolis Coffee Company, Rishi Tea and Chicago Coffees and Teas–we hope to see you!

What: Rishi Tea Extravaganza
When: Monday, March 14 (5-8 p.m.)
Where: Metropolis Roasting Garage (5545 N. Clark St., Chicago)
RSVP: Directly to Metropolis Coffee Company, 773-338-4904
**Not strictly required, but will be rewarded with free samples.

Tea is a complex product with a romantic history that closely parallels that of coffee in importance to the human race. Like coffee, it’s a wide-ranging subject; the folks at Rishi Tea are going all-out to make it more approachable on both a philosophical and hands-on level. In relation to tea, they’ll cover: types, history, botany, regions, buying, brewing, storage, and retailing.

The event will be comprised of multiple stations, each dedicated to a different type of tea: white, green, oolong, black, botanicals, and pu-erh. Each table will have a Rishi representative on hand to speak to the history and intricacies of that particular type of tea–the cultivation, the regional differences, brewing recommendations, and health benefits.

Rishi Tea’s master distributor, Chicago Coffees and Teas, will be on-hand for purchasing info–no hard sells. Promise! It’s just an excellent opportunity to learn more about tea from the best in the business.

More info on Rishi Tea. Find them on Twitter here. And Facebook, of course.

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