Music at Metropolis Cafe: Molly Robison

She’s a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but Molly Robison is for sure not afraid. Her friends won’t let her be.

This native of the Chicago area is finishing up music studies at Columbia College Chicago, but isn’t waiting around for a degree to get things started. She released her five-track EP, ‘Bedrooms & Attics’ and will be performing on Thursday, April 21, at Metropolis Cafe (6 p.m.).

‘Bedrooms & Attics’ is a return to songwriting for Robison, who taught herself to play guitar at the age of 11 and started songwriting right on the heels of that. “…but I hated it,” says Robison. “It was so much work, I took a long break, then got strong-armed into writing again by really good friends.”

Some of those good friends discovered her early music and “strong-armed” Robison into re-working those songs and adding more, then recording them–thus her second life as a musician has been born. Friends like that deserve mentioning: “Kyle Cassidy, a genius photographer, and Valya Dudycz Lupescu (@Valya on Twitter; & @KyleCassidy, btw)” says Robison. “And The Dresden Dolls. I’d sent them a song of theirs I’d covered when I was a kid. I’d seen them a few times, emailed them and they were here in November and they asked me to play with them at The Vic.”

Another testament to the fact that Molly isn’t afraid of anything? She created her own major at Columbia: music director for theater. “Every musical needs a theater director, but there was no major for that,” says Robison. “I worked with the heads of the music and theater departments, who were really cool to work with, and have since gotten to assistant music direct a couple of shows. I’m hoping to do a musical next year.”

Q: What does Molly do with a day off?

“Absolutely hermit up. If I didn’t have to leave the house, I probably wouldn’t.”

Q: Favorite Hermit Activities?

“Drinking tea, sleeping and watching shit television.”

Q: Favorite Music?

“The Dresden Dolls, The Decemberists and I’m a huge Elliot Smith fan. I’ve always wanted to see Leftover Crack and still haven’t,” says Robison. “Everyone judges me for that and they should.”

But she’s not afraid.

Find Molly Robison on Twitter (@mollyrobison); Facebook; YouTube; and you can BUY HER ALBUM HERE!

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