Welcome to “The Weekly Roast”

Alright, I just want to state that this blog is going to be a work in progress. Hopefully creating transparency between the roasters and the customers will open up some interesting dialogue.

Plus, I’m sure none of you really know what we, as roasters, do on a daily basis. So what I’m going to do is post what we have been tasting throughout the week. It’s important we share what we are doing, to help educate our customers. I encourage you, yes you, to e-mail me at roasters@metropoliscoffee.com with any questions you have.

I will do my best to answer them to the best of my ability. Also, for all the Twitter people out there, you can follow my Twitter handle, @MetropolisRoast.  Now, let us kick out the jams. Our first roaster-profiled coffee; we do this so you don’t have to! And now, The Weekly Roast:

Country: Bolivia                 Farm/COOP: Finca Miranda
Region: Inquisivi                Varietal: Caturra Catuai Tipica


Cranberry, orange zest, clean, soft body, sweet butter and popcorn fragrance. This is a very subtly complex coffee. The aromatics are dense with sharp fruit and nut, however, the cup tends to be quite soft.










  • Christopher Oppenhuis says:

    what is the difference between a 7.5 and a 7.67?

  • Colleen says:

    Neat, would be nice to have another report to compare it to. So what happened to this roast? Did it make it into production?

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