We’ve Got Talent–And A Cause

Good times come free with a visit to Metropolis Cafe on July 23 for our ridiculously fun “Talent Show.” Meander into Metropolis Cafe about 5 p.m. and have our sweet-as-pie baristas create your favorite caffeinated (or not!) beverage.

Now, sit back, relax and support a good cause. We’re hoping for a good turnout of wide-ranging talents–music, comedy, poetry and what have you. There’s still time to sign up if you’d like.

“This show should be one of the coolest things we have done here at the shop and I really hope you will be a part of it,” says Tinu Oyelowo. ”There will be a winner and a prize for the talent show (but everyone is a winner in my book)!

“Thank you so much from the bottom of a barista’s heart,” finishes Oyelowo, who has been bringing culture, refinement and her own huge heart to the goings-on at Metropolis Cafe for years now.

WHAT: Talent show–fun for all! Benefits Testicular Cancer Society/Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
WHEN: July 23, 5 p.m. (talent there by 4:30 p.m., please; 4 p.m. if you equipment to load-in)
WHERE: Metropolis Cafe, 1039 E. Granville, Chicago
WHO: Any and all welcome to perform: singers, comedians, magicians. Keep it clean! Children present.
TIP ON PARKING: There isn’t any. Come early, be patient, find a spot. We’re also right off the Red Line at Granville.

(We Are) Down With The Cause

Besides fun factor, we’re doing this to raise money for Down With The Cause, a non-profit founded by Metropolis barista and music director Jon Lewchenko. Down With The Cause spreads awareness of ovarian and testicular cancer among college students and is closely associated with the Testicular Cancer Society. “We raise money for them and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance,” says Lewchenko, a student at Loyola who’s not afraid to speak his mind but likes to think before he does so.

Lewchenko also plays himself, often with Chicago singer/songwriter Philip Michael Scales. Scales’ band, Briar Rabbit, was named a band to keep an eye on this year by Metromix Chicago, has played solid dates at the Double Door in Wicker Park, and at Taste of Chicago. Scales has found success using various musicians as determined by need and availability, Lewchenko being one of those. “A band takes one concise vision and hard work,” says Scales. I find that a lot of my friends and colleagues are happy to rotate through, love that structure. They can just show up and play.”

The Rules/FAQ

  • Keep it PG/PG-13. There will likely be young children in the audience.
  • You’ve got five minutes to do your thing.
  • We’ll have a microphone, stand and chairs. Need an amp or anything else? Bring it.
  • Feel free to promote a show, or your CD and to sell CD’s, but it’s your responsibility–not ours.
  • Email tinu@metropoliscoffee to sign up and with any/all questions.

Thanks to Metropolis Cafe barista and in-house artist, Ashley Elander for the poster above. See more of her images here. Also follow her at @ashleyeland on Twitter.

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