Why the Clever over the v60?

There’s a pretty spirited debate in the coffee world about which pour-over device reigns supreme. Every pour-over has pros and cons, but in the end, we decided to side with the clever for the following reasons:


The v60 is almost impossible to maintain consistency on and with different baristas making the pour-overs, our risk of serving a bad cup of coffee is much higher with v60.


The main goal of the single cup program is to show customers that they can brew amazing coffee at home. We went with the clever because it is easy to use and harder to mess up whereas brewing on a v60 is a very difficult process and is not very approachable.


Artisan is not how you pour water but is instead your mastery of knowledge over coffee and in the way that you translate that knowledge to customers. The v60 requires so much attention that talking with customers about the coffee is very difficult and therefore makes it harder to pass along our coffee knowledge – which is the point, right?

And, of course, THE VIDEO:

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