The Kitchen Is Open: New Food at Metropolis Cafe

We are pleased to announce that we now have serious, made-to-order food at Metropolis Cafe. Renowned local chef Hugh Amano, of Food on the Dole fame, has developed, sourced, and trained us on this incredible new menu and we’re all happy about it–hope you are, too.

Do you want “Steel Cut Oatmeal with Sour Cherries,” or other fruits, depending on the day? Or, perhaps, a “Metropolis Bahn Mi,” roasted pork shoulder on a French loaf with Nam Prik Pao vinegar, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno and carrot?

We think the “Metropolis Ploughman’s Lunch” will be popular: demi baguette, chunks of cheddar cheese, cured sausage, fruit and greens. The “Grilled Gouda and Caramelized Onion on Rye” is also a seriously tasty sandwich and can be made into a kids’ grilled cheese (take note: we I.D., must be under 13. Kidding. Kinda.).

Now you don’t need to choose between coffee and food: we have both!

Here’s To The Chef!

A huge thanks to Chef Hugh Amano, who has taken time out of his life–literally–to come in and revamp our food program at Metropolis Cafe!

You can find Amano at his aforementioned blog, Food on the Dole, but also on Facebook here, Twitter here, and then you’ll find him in one kitchen or another, cooking or writing–usually both.

You’ll probably see it on your own, but here is a brief excerpt of Amano’s writing that just happens to be about his work on our new menu: “…the food is simple yet well prepared, which should make sense to those of you familiar with the F.o.t.D. ethic and my style of cooking. And it is a cafe, after all. I understand the coffee has to come first, and the food should complement that. After all, they go to great lengths…in the sourcing and production of their coffee, and to them, it’s all about guiding one of the world’s great natural goods into a cup, relying on the quality of the coffee rather than manipulation in the roasting process. There’s a good deal of the terroir concept in their work, and we, as humans, are simply guides, or more accurately, transporters in the process. By now you know that’s my belief in food as well.”

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