Hullabaloo Holiday Blend Available! + New Merch

Debuting this year is a brand new blend crafted by the Metropolis roasting team for the 2012 holiday season. Hullabaloo Holiday Blend is silky and sweet in the cup with fruit notes and a heavy body. It’s a combination of seasonal South and Central American coffees with an Ethiopian twist. The roasters assure us that “joy and spirit reverberate throughout” this exciting new offering.

Also new merchandise has already dropped at Metropolis Cafe. You’ll find the classic Metropolis logo travel mugs and ceramic mugs, as well as some new offerings.

This holiday season Metropolis Coffee Company has introduced hand-crafted coffee mugs by potter, Joshua Heim. Joshua says of his work, “Mugs are one of my favorite¬† things to make — they are such a simple piece of pottery, yet we invite them to partake in the special moments of our lives: Our morning coffee routines. A cold, rainy day on the sofa with a blanket. Or even just an evening with a close friend. I hope you enjoy the mugs and let them wander into those special parts of your lives.”¬† We hope you enjoy them, too.

Check out more of Joshua Heim’s work.

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