Barista Art at Metropolis in February!

This week we asked Metropolis Cafe Art Director, Chelsea, to share some thoughts on the Cafe art program and to give us a sneak-peek on the barista art show coming to the walls of Metropolis next month!

Upon receiving the position of Art Director of the cafe, I was unsure that I was the woman for the job. Would I do the previous art director justice? Would I have the right “eye” for creating the atmosphere that our customers have grown to love? I soon realized that the work would fall into place, considering I was surrounded by some serious talent — not only in the Edgewater community, but within our very own cafe!

I knew right away that I wanted to put together a show consisting of my fellow co-workers’ various disciplines. Metropolis Cafe is home to not only talented latte artists, but also photographers, illustrators, writers, musicians, and one collage artist. I am excited to share with our customers the Cafe staff’s backgrounds in art, language, and music through this exhibition!

The Edgewater community is so diverse and special, and I consider Metropolis to be the hub that keeps us moving, growing, and continually inspired. So come see what makes your beloved baristas tick, and therefore, what makes this Cafe so unique!

The Metropolis Employee Showcase will be up from February 6th to March 10th. There will also be a night of music and readings provided by our musicians and writers, as an extension of our showcase. Be on the lookout for a date, to be announced soon!




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