Colombia Geisha and Other Coffee Marvels

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sean from the Metropolis Roasterie to ask him a few questions about the new Colombia Geisha. Geisha, in general, has received a lot of press lately, so we wanted to get some more information on what all the buzz is about. Check out what Sean has to say, then stop by the Cafe for a single-brew cup of the Geisha and judge for yourself. We’d love to hear what you think about this coffee!

This past holiday season, Metropolis Coffee began offering Colombia Las Margaritas Geisha. There has been a lot of buzz about this coffee lately. What is so special about this coffee, and why is it more expensive than other coffees?

Sean: This particular Geisha was one of the first ones produced in Colombia. The folks at Granja La Esperanza closely observed the cultivar for a number of years before planting it at Las Margaritas.

The Geisha cultivar was transplanted to Central American in the 1950s and 1960s. Originating from Ethiopia (then Abyssinia), the coffee was brought over because of its resistance to coffee leaf rust (a fungus that is detrimental to coffee trees). However, the trees do not yield large quantities, so, for years, the cherries from the Geisha plants were mixed in with all the other varietals. In 2004, Hacienda La Esmeralda submitted a lot of solely Geisha into a competition where it caught judges by surprise. As a result, producers in Central and South America began planting trees in hopes of producing more of this highly desired coffee.

As far as how it tastes, Geisha is incredibly complex! The aromatics are explosive and the flavor is very distinct. Lots of floral notes and dark fruit sweetness make this coffee quite decadent.

What can the average coffee enthusiast expect out of this Geisha?

Sean: Our customers can expect the distinctive Geisha profile, but at a much lower price; something that is quite special, but isn’t going to break the bank.  We want to continue offering this kind of coffee and helping our customers understand that these coffees are different, but affordable.

Why did Metropolis decide to offer a coffee like Geisha?

Sean: We wanted to offer something that is new and exciting. Obviously we stand by all our coffees — but offering a coffee like the Geisha is something that we have never done. With it, we’re starting a new program where we bring in interesting/rarer coffees so that they’re accessible to everyone. We are going to continue to offer these higher end coffees — maybe 3 or 4 a year — and sell them in more affordable 8oz bags. This gives our customers the opportunity to try new coffees that, before, might have been cost-prohibitive. We also hope that this will help our customers learn the importance of transparency with our products (the farm/estate/cultivar/region/etc.). We hope, in this way, that our customers will be able to make more informed decisions.

One more question: How would a customer be able to enjoy these coffees most? That is, how should they be brewing Geisha at home?

Sean: Single cup brewing is highly encouraged (Chemex, Clever, pour over, French press). But we also understand that not a lot of people have these types of brewing mechanisms. Single-cup brews of the Geisha are currently available at our Cafe, and we are going to be offering more brewing equipment and education in the future. I’m excited for Metropolis to grow and for our customers to grow with us!

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