A Caffeinated Proposal

Metropolis would like to introduce you to Lindsey and Luigi, two Café regulars who have a special story we’d like to share.

Lindsey and Luigi met while studying at Loyola University’s nursing program. For them, studying at Metropolis (just a few blocks south of Loyola’s Lakeshore Campus) was a little more comfortable than in the library, plus they both liked coffee. Thus, doing homework at the Café together became a pleasant habit.

That was four years ago. Today, despite Lindsay and Luigi having moved out of the neighborhood, Metropolis remains a favorite location to them because of its importance as one of the key spaces where their relationship developed.

Luigi recently proposed to Lindsey at the lakefront (she said “yes!”) and afterward they came to celebrate with a cup of coffee at the Café.  Because of the centrality of Metropolis Coffee as a backdrop for the development of their relationship, Lindsey and Luigi recently contacted us to provide coffee as a wedding favor for their guests (we said “yes!”).

Lindsey and Luigi are getting married this summer on August 31st, and, it seems, fittingly, Metropolis Coffee will be present at the ceremony.

Congratulations, Lindsey and Luigi! We’re so glad glad we can maybe take a little bit of credit for the happy and successful life you all will have together!

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