A Metropolis Roaster’s-Eye View on Brazil

Metropolis Head Roaster, Ben Crowell, just returned from an origin trip to Brazil. Here are some of his reflections on his journey.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to spend some time traveling through Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producing nation.  We at Metropolis utilize coffees from Brazil as the base of our Redline espresso as well as bring you single origin offerings from several of the farms I visited, such as the Recreio Estate, Fazenda Rainha, and Sertaozinho, to name a few.  My group visited farms (ranging from small to large), labs, and processing facilities in three different regions; Espirito Santo, Pocos de Caldas, and Carmo de Minas. We cupped new crop coffees with our friends at Bourbon Specialty and Carmo Coffees, witnessed the harvest in action in different locations, and learned a lot about natural and pulp natural processing, seeing interesting variations on technique from location to location. Brazil is a tremendous country, filled with wonderful people, culture, food, and natural beauty, and will always be a very memorable first origin trip.

Please enjoy some of the photos from my journey!

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