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The Extra Kilometer by Zach Zulauf

Zach Zulauf, owner of New Wave Coffee, crossed international borders on an emergency coffee mission for Metropolis Coffee Company. These are his recollections of that event: I always liked to think that I would be the type of guy to fly to a foreign country with less than twenty-four hours notice, if asked. We all like [...]

Confessions Of A Chicago Coffee Wife

By: Meghan Sherman How Did I Get Here?!?! Anyone? Help! As a kid I never pictured myself standing at a cupping table discussing the flavor profile and acidity levels of various coffees. I never would have guessed that I would be going on “coffee crawls” and visiting upwards of five coffee shops in one day [...]

Intelligentsia on Tap at Metropolis Cafe

A Message from Metropolis’ Tony Dreyfuss I’ve watched as coffee lovers become entrenched into brand camps. At first blush, this would seem to work to our advantage. We have a great brand, fully backed by the finest coffees that we can find.  We have our own approach to sourcing and roasting, and those differences appear [...]

Café Questions: To Wi-Fi or Not To Wi-Fi?

During our recent exhausting-satisfying-enthralling experience at Lollapalooza 2010, we noticed fewer and fewer people standing around using their cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices–especially the younger attendees. They seemed more intent on the music than texting or tweeting. Then, we sat down to work (a.k.a. recovering from Lolla) and see a couple articles [...]

On the Venti Dry Cappuccino

A venti dry cappuccino can go either way. It is a pivotal moment in coffee – one that can capture a customer for life, or turn away someone who might be great-coffee-inclined. Imagine a new customer walks into a 3rd wave Café* *A café that roasts or purchases great roasted coffee. A café stocked with [...]


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