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The Wormhole on a Tuesday Afternoon, 2010 A.D.

It was summertime pandemonium inside Wicker Park’s newest and decidedly 80s coffee hot spot today: The Wormhole. While I arrived with Wormhole’s coffee, Tony was hanging with Sarah and her staff, talking training and probably some jokes and non sequiturs, too. With types from Dollop and Kickstand hanging around, too, it was a little like finding myself [...]

Wheelman Changes Vehicles–Temporarily

Evanston must be spiking its curb cement with Sprinter hate juice. Yeah, Der Blaumaschin is cooling its jets after a little mishap, but thanks to Tony and Tristan’s search and rescue mission, me and these bins full of coffee are back on the road. Newly mobile bins of freshly roasted coffee. Shot of IGK, the [...]

All Points Wheelman

A hot pink and black promontory at the center of a burgeoning city neighborhood, lit at its center by an 8-bit heart. An inviting corner coffee shop that reflects the knowing serenity of its sibling owners. A dynamic duo of sass, sandwiches and smoothies that sit in the refracted shadows of the CTA Brown Line, [...]


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