Meet Johnny Loftus, The Metropolis Wheelman

Metropolis has a whole bunch of coffee experts, but I’m probably not one of them. Instead, I spend a fair amount of time driving around in a giant Sprinter, bringing people coffee and spreading the word about our brand. I see some wild shit out there. At the very least, looking at the world through a Sprinter windshield offers an interesting vantage point from which to theorize on life, music and 10,000 sandwiches. Where the coldest 16 ounce cans of beer are, too, and of course tips on finding the most solidest cup of our coffee.

I used to write for these guys, as well as these guys. I used to blog here, and occasionally still do here. Nowadays I can be found writing for these guys and these guys, and of course here at the Wheel Man’s Internet HQ. I have an opinion about everything, and until Metropolis adds a backseat to the Sprinter, this is where you’ll find my take on what’s what. Alternately, this is your chance to sit in that metaphorical backseat. Get in it. Be a part of the Wheel Man’s peanut gallery.

Promises for this blog: all real, no gimmicks. No artificial flavors. Predictions for this blog: Asides. Observations. Gewgaws of hilarity. Coffee stuff. And exhortations to never, ever trust that ancient Chevy Astro van in that’s driving weirdly in front of you. It’ll mess up your life.



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