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Tea Extravaganza at Metropolis Roasting Garage

Short of having the opportunity to take off on a round-the-world tour dedicated to the countless real life and ineffable qualities of tea that make it such an integral beverage in daily life on Planet Earth, Metropolis Coffee Company, Rishi Tea, and Chicago Coffees and Teas are proud to offer an evening dedicated to tea [...]

Ice(d) T(ea).

Have you ever read the Wikipedia page on “American Tea Culture”? It’s a riot. Here’s a taste: “Afternoon tea, as a meal, is rarely served in the United States except in ritualized special occasions.” You know, like Wiccan ceremonies in the deepest, darkest woods, or illegal underground cage matches being held as you read this in [...]

The Mixologist, the Tea & Cocktails

Wholesale distributor of Metropolis Coffee, Rishi Tea & more. It’s the heart of summer in Chicago, residents across the city, country and world are taking to iced tea as a means of survival. Of course, mankind has long turned toward another eminently potable beverage for spiritual, emotional and physical (kind of) sustenance–alcohol in all its [...]

Jane Goodall Launches New Masala Chai in Chicago

Where the idea of an NGO (non-governmental organization) was once revolutionary, now these cause-leading groups are often found partnering with like-minded for-profit companies. Enter Rishi Tea’s Masala Chai, a single-origin black tea infused with spices, cream, and sugar–with a rich, thick, slow-moving vanilla undertone. Rishi has partnered with one of the most well-known humanitarians of the age, [...]


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