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A fixture on the scene.

“Now, what do I have to do to put you in this enormous Hobart mixing machine today?” The parlance of totally cheeze-house used car salesmen certainly isn’t shared by the nice folks at Olympic Store Fixtures, located on South Cicero in the shadow of Midway Airport. But to stroll into this tidy but bustling warehouse [...]

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Café Questions: To Wi-Fi or Not To Wi-Fi?

During our recent exhausting-satisfying-enthralling experience at Lollapalooza 2010, we noticed fewer and fewer people standing around using their cell phones, smart phones, and other mobile devices–especially the younger attendees. They seemed more intent on the music than texting or tweeting. Then, we sat down to work (a.k.a. recovering from Lolla) and see a couple articles [...]

Street-level Lolla: Phase Two.

Here it is, more background info on why I’ve chosen what I’ve chosen to check in between pit stops for fruit, iced coffee, and laughs at the Metropolis onsite lean-to. (read: Chez Awesome Delicious.) Black Keys (6-7:15p, Budweiser) Six albums in and the Black Keys still hold a big brass key in their four hands, [...]

Street-level Lolla: Phase One.

Lollapalooza’s almost here, and Metropolis is ready for the event with a fleet of baristas, tons of gear, plenty of liquid refreshment, and a big pile of excitement. As you know I’ll be live everythinging from the festival — check me out @metrowheelman on Twitter, find me on Facebook, or just visit this blog for [...]


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