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The Kitchen Is Open: New Food at Metropolis Cafe

We are pleased to announce that we now have serious, made-to-order food at Metropolis Cafe. Renowned local chef Hugh Amano, of Food on the Dole fame, has developed, sourced, and trained us on this incredible new menu and we’re all happy about it–hope you are, too. Do you want “Steel Cut Oatmeal with Sour Cherries,” [...]

Maintaining Beans’ Twitches & Squeaks

“The Whole Bean” will be a dedicated series of posts from Metropolis co-owner Jeff Dreyfuss dealing with the esoteric and intellectual side of coffee. With a Ph.D. in linguistics, Jeff takes the discussion of hot beverages to strange–and strangely logical–places. This is just my take on the coffee bean from beginning to end, not an [...]


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