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Prospero Summer Blend

This summer, we're going with a bright, acidic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and rounding it out with a washed Guatemalan from our friends at Finca La Bolsa.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe shines through with notes of citrus and fruit while the Guatemalan brings it back home with some brown sugar sweetness. Spring is here and summer is right around the corner and this brews up a perfect cup for either crisp spring mornings or hot summer afternoons. Drink up, Prospero is back.

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Only $16.00 / 1lb bag

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Our Picks

Spice Island FTO

Spice Island is a blend of Central and South American coffees that we put together to highlight the mild spiciness and sweet-dry walnut and pecan notes of its components. Spice Island is full bodied, but its dry finish is clean and sweet.

Only $15.55 / 1lb bag

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Schweik's Blend

This unique cognac-like blend balances delicacy and elegance, with jasmine and orange notes giving way to buttery shortbread, and a mild caramel that ties it all together. A light and refreshing spring and summer brew with subtle yet astonishing nuances.

Only $15.30 / 1lb bag

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Redline Espresso

Redline Espresso is a truly distinctive and rewarding blend. Its richness runs down the center like a racing stripe, leaving a trail of cocoa, honey, lavender, and a mild merlot-like fruit in the finish. The flavors translate perfectly in milk and are even amplified in sweetness making for a marvelous latte or cappuccino.

Only $15.10 / 1lb bag

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