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Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

This blend has been specifically created to be your new go to cold brew! It's an unusually dark roast for Metropolis, but don't let that scare you. The darker roast makes a delicious cold brew! Imagine dark melted chocolate with just a hint of roast to cool you down on a hot summer day! Grind 1lb of coffee on your coarsest setting (or ask us to grind it for cold brew/toddy), then put it into a 2 gallon Cambro or pitcher. Add 128oz (1 gallon) of cold, filtered water, stir the grounds into the water until everything is fully saturated, then allow it to steep at room temperature for 12-14 hours. After its done steeping, strain it through a fine mesh strainer, pour over ice and enjoy!

Only $15.10 / 1lb bag
Qty. Grind
Ounces 8oz Cups Cost per cup
250 oz ~31 cups $0.49 ea.


Melted Dark Chocolate With a Hint of Roast



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