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Sample Roasting & Cupping
Before we make a decision to roast any new bean, we order samples of coffee from our various green bean suppliers to determine what we want to buy. We roast 100 gram batches on our ancient (1930s) German built sample roaster.

We are careful to roast these samples very light so that the true flavor characteristics of the bean are not masked by the characteristics of the roast. In a production roast (see production roast section) we will take the bean much further into the roast to bring out more depth, sweetness, and body.

jake_cupping (24K)
Cupping a new sample of Kenya

After sample roasting, we 'cup' the coffee, which is a technical way of tasting coffee where the cupper can evaluate and score equally prepared samples of coffee based on categories of aroma, acidity, body, balance, flavor, and aftertaste. Based on the cupping results, we make the decision whether it is a coffee that we want to use in our line up as a single origin varietals, as a blender, or not at all.