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An important part of our mission of “Great Coffee for Everyone!” is sharing the tools and knowledge we’ve acquired throughout our years in the coffee industry with you. Below you’ll find information about visiting us for a free tour and tasting, as well as The Story of Coffee, a step-by-step summary of what coffee is, where it comes from, and the journey it takes to get to you. From there you can peruse brew guides with our recommendations for best practices on many of the most common home brew methods, or, for wholesale customers, check out our barista training guide. If you have a specific question for us, check out our FAQ section or send us a message!

Tour and Tasting

We want to demystify coffee roasting, so your free tour will take you through the complete process, from green to brown.

The Story of Coffee

Learn more about the coffee belt, coffee processing methods, and the great journey every bean takes from farm to cup.

Home Brewing

Here we arm you, the home user, with all the tools you need to make the optimal cup of Metropolis coffee, no matter which brew method you use.

Barista Training

This training guide is intended specifically for baristas working with commercial equipment in a café environment.