The following training guide is intended specifically for baristas working with commerical equipment in a café environment. For home brewing guidelines, please visit our home brewing section


This manual is divided into sections, and is intended to be read in order. You must first master the standards before you can proficiently build drinks. This document is the beginning of a journey into the processing and preparation of coffee and tea. If you study this manual and practice the techniques, over time you can become quite proficient in drink making, however, there is no substitute for curiosity. Remain open to the idea that coffee preparation is a craft, and like all crafts, you can only get better over time.

For a deeper understanding of extraction and advanced techniques, we recommend a series of books by Scott Rao, in particular ‘The Professional Barista Handbook’. His books can be found at www.scottrao.com.

Training is always free at Metropolis, so please take us up on it. Keep learning. Keep practicing. Remain, at all times, curious.

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What is Coffee?

What is coffee, where does it come from, and how is it cultivated, processed, and roasted? Coffee is the seed of the fruit that grows on coffee trees (coffea).  Coffee trees grow near the equatorial belt, and are divided into two main categories – Arabica, and Robusta. The vast majority of specialty coffee is Arabica. Metropolis purchases only Arabica coffee.


Preparation Standards

Drip Coffee Standards

       Auto-Drip Brewer  
       French Press  

Espresso Standards

       Adjusting The Grind  
       Milk Management  
       Latte Milk Steaming  
       Cappuccino Milk Steaming  
       Latte Art  

Iced Coffee Standards

    Iced Coffee on an Auto-Drip Brewer  
    Iced Coffee on a Toddy Iced Coffee brewer  

Methods of Preparation


      Solo Espresso  
      Doppio Espresso  
      Red Eye  
      Café Au Lait  
      Espresso Macchiato  
      Espresso Cortado  
      Flavored Latte/Mocha  


      Chai Latte  
      Hot Cocoa/Flavored Steamer  
      Kids Hot Cocoa  
      Matcha Green Tea Latte  


      Iced Latte  
      Ice Flavored Latte/Mocha  
   Iced Americano  
      Iced Chai Latte  
   Flavored Frappe  
   Italian Soda  

Cleaning & Maintenance

Auto-Drip Brewer, Dispenser, & Grinder

      Cleaning Your Fetco Auto-drip Brewer  
   Cleaning Your Thermal Dispensers  
   Cleaning Your Bulk Grinder  

Espresso Machine & Grinder

      Cleaning Your Espresso Machine  
   Cleaning Your Espresso Grinder  

What is Tea?

Tea is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis, or closely related cousins. There are six unique types of tea, all made from this one plant: Green, Yellow, White, Oolong, Black and Dark (Pu-erh tea). Each type is differentiated by the techniques the farmer uses to develop flavor, most notably, oxidation (allowing the leaf to turn brown).



   Hot Tea  
   Iced Tea on Iced Tea Brewer  
   Iced Tea on an Auto Drip Brewer