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Single Origin Release: Brazil Serra do Cabral

The Flanzer family began farming in the 1970’s in the Serra do Cabral plateau in the state of Minas Gerais. Originally planted for forestry, brothers Marcelo and Roberto decided to diversify their land when they took over management from their father, Henrique, in 2000. Coffee had never been produced in the region before so Marcelo and Roberto started with a blank slate.

Single Origin Release: Ethiopia Suke Quto

Tesfaye Bekele, the head of the Suke Quto Farm in the Goji region of Ethiopia, saw an opportunity to start his own farm after a wildfire nearly destroyed a nearby forest. Bekele distributed shade trees and coffee seedlings to roughly 150 locals so as to replant the forest and begin his dream of both owning an environmentally friendly coffee farm and providing a sustaining income to the community. Trabocca, an Amsterdam-based importer and longtime partner with Metropolis, began working with Bekele in 2009 after receiving a hand-delivered sample.

Single Origin Release: Peru José Herrera

With excellent growing conditions and a prevalence of sought-after varietals like Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra, Peru is poised to produce large volumes of high-quality coffee the likes of its powerhouse producers to the north and east, Colombia and Brazil. This lot was sourced through Lima Coffees in northern Peru’s Jaén Province. Lima Coffees is a young exporting company working to identify high-scoring coffees from producers in the region and get those lots sold on their own at a high premium for the producer.

Adventures in Flavor Country - Colombia Origin Trip 2018

David Strand
This past January I went on my first origin trip, to the Antioquia region of Colombia. There I met up with a group of various coffee professionals from around the world to visit a handful of farms in hopes of finding some single origin coffees to be released (at Metropolis) this summer. Our guide for the one week journey was Pedro from Pergamino Coffee, which is where we purchase many of our Colombian coffees from already.