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Brew Diligence: 3 Tips for Fantastic Cold Brew

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series.

Summer is here and suddenly, boiling water seems less-than-appealing. Here are our Top 3 Tips For Fantastic Cold Brew.

1. Use cold brew blend

We know you saw this one coming. But what you may not know is we’ve spent years developing and refining our recipe for this blend. From the raw coffee we source, to the roast methodology we use, it’s all in service of creating the best possible glass of cold brew: smooth and sweet like a glass of chocolate milk, with just a hint of roast.

2. Use a Toddy cold brew system

There’s no simpler, more reliable way to cold brew coffee at home than using a Toddy. This is the same system used by cafes and restaurants around the world, modified for home use. We like it because it brews consistently, and the filter means no grounds in your glass or all over your trash can. It comes with everything you to get started except the coffee (see Tip #1).

3. Ignore tips 1 and 2, use whatever you have

Great cold brew is not rocket science. Don’t overthink it! Start with the following and adjust to your strength preferences:

  • Use ~1 ounce coarsely ground coffee for every 8 ounces of water
  • Cover and chill 18-24 hours
  • Filter out the grounds using a coffee filter, fine mesh sieve, or cheesecloth.
  • ENJOY! If it’s too strong, use ice or cold water to dilute. Too weak? Steep longer.

Above are just a few of the random kitchen containers we’ve used to make cold brew so far this summer (cat for scale). You can also use a French Press, which makes the filtering part a breeze. So get brewing! You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.


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