March 15, 2019

Single Origin Release: Brazil Mariano

Founded in 1909 by Manoel Ignácio Barbosa, Fazenda Mariano has remained in the Barbosa family and is currently being operated by the 3rd and 4th generations. When Metropolis visited in 2017 we were greeted by 3 generations of Barbosas who were all proud of their connection to each other, their land, and their high-quality coffees. They are also committed to sustainability, both environmental and social. In 2006 they built a coffee washing and processing center, an investment that allowed them to offer their coffees to the specialty market. All waste water from the process is recycled and rain water is conserved through a series of catchment tanks. Fazenda Mariano employs 25 permanent workers who all live on the land in their own homes and manage the farm year-round. During the harvest season they bring on an additional 14 workers who are also provided housing while working. Most of their workers have been with them for many years, a point of pride for the family, as they take very seriously their responsibility to support not only their workers but their families as well. This has been a key factor in sustaining such a long-running family business.