May 01, 2020

Single Origin Release: Brazil Serra do Cabral

The Flanzer family began farming on the Serra do Cabral plateau in the 1970’s. Originally planted for forestry, brothers Marcelo and Roberto decided to diversify their land when they took over management from their father, Henrique, in 2000. Coffee had never been produced in the region before so Marcelo and Roberto started with a blank slate. They determined that pivot irrigation would be the most efficient way to use the natural water available to them (something not often accessible to producers in Brazil). They planted coffee trees in concentric circles and installed a long, rotating sprinkler arm on a center pivot, allowing each tree to be individually watered. This type of irrigation typically uses less water than other methods and is one of many examples of the Flanzers’ commitment to preservation and sustainable agriculture. They have reserved vast areas within their land for preservation and the land is rich with biodiversity. Marcelo and Roberto are members of the board of the Serra do Cabral State Park and operate a native-species nursery where they raise seedlings and then donate the plants to parks, neighbors, associations, etc. This is our third year offering the Flanzers’ coffee and we’re excited to continue supporting the great work they’re doing.