May 22, 2020

Single Origin Release: Colombia Inzá

For the last 4 years Metropolis has been buying coffee from the small family farms surrounding the town of Inzá in the Cauca department of Colombia. We were introduced to these coffees through our importing partner Mercanta and the relationship started in 2016 with two microlots from individual families: Familia Gomez & Maria Rosa Oidor. These coffees were incredibly complex and bright and when the opportunity arose to buy a larger volume lot from this community, we saw it as a chance to further develop the relationship and continue to support smallholder farmers we knew were committed to producing some really wonderful coffees. There are 52 producers from the surrounding municipalities who deliver the coffees that make up this lot (including the Gomez family and Doña Maria Rosa). Until now, we’ve been using the Inzá as the sparkling, bright component in our signature Redline Espresso, and are excited for you to taste it on its own for the very first time.