February 07, 2019

Single Origin Release: Ethiopia Suke Quto

Tesfaye Bekele, the head of the Suke Quto Farm in the Goji region of Ethiopia, saw an opportunity to start his own farm after a wildfire nearly destroyed a nearby forest. Bekele distributed shade trees and coffee seedlings to roughly 150 locals so as to replant the forest and begin his dream of both owning an environmentally friendly coffee farm and providing a sustaining income to the community. Trabocca, an Amsterdam-based importer and longtime partner with Metropolis, began working with Bekele in 2009 after receiving a hand-delivered sample. As we are now aware, the quality and complexity was exceptional and the relationship between farmer and importer flourished. Trabocca now covers the cost of the Suke Quto Farm organic certification (in addition to the farm also being Rainforest Alliance certified) and offers premiums for outstanding quality to further boost their local economy. Both have experimented with different processing techniques to constantly improve the product and roasters like Metropolis have taken note, purchasing their washed coffee for 5 years.

Fermentation tanks at Suke Quto Farm