February 07, 2019

Single Origin Release: Guatemala San Isidro

San Isidro was founded in 1897 by Felix Maldonado Robles and has been passed down through four generations, remaining 100% family owned to this day. It is located at the foothills of the Lacandon Hill in San Marcos, a nature preserve for the national bird, the Quetzal. While this 1,048 Hectare farm is fairly large, the coffee production area is very small in comparison at 218 Hectares, and is reserved to the highest elevation of the property. Their sustainable methods utilize fallen, decaying leaves to prevent erosion, maintain volcanic soil humidity (the product of the eruptions of the Santa Maria volcano in the early 20th century), and protect the local water recharge area for the farm and surrounding communities. After 48 hours of fermentation in the cherry, the mucilage is removed and the beans are sorted again to ensure only the best are chosen for export. In addition, Finca San Isidro has donated land for the construction of local schools, medical posts, and roads to help sustain the small, yet thriving local community.