January 23, 2020

Single Origin Release: Kenya Kasinga Peaberry

This coffee comes to us from the rolling hills of the Machakos district about 40 miles southwest of the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The coffee in this lot was produced by many smallholder farmers who all belong to the Kasinga Farmers Cooperative Society. The average smallholder farm has about half an acre of farmland planted in coffee, roughly 250 coffee trees. Farmers handpick their coffee cherries and deliver them either directly to the cooperative’s wet mill or at one of four collection points. All coffee is hand sorted to remove damaged or unripe cherries at the wet mill before pulping. This lot is a Peaberry, which means the two coffee seeds that ordinarily exist inside a cherry melded into one single seed during maturation, resulting in a noticeable difference in bean size and shape (and some would argue, flavor). This coffee has a dense, syrupy, cranberry and guava flavor, bright and wild lime citrus notes, and a touch of sage to balance out all that complexity. We saved this coffee for a January release to brighten up your winter cups.