December 01, 2023

What are private label coffee capsules?

Private label coffee capsules (sometimes known as white label coffee capsules) are manufactured by a third-party supplier but sold or offered under another company’s brand name. 

Working with a private label partner provides one major benefit. It allows businesses to benefit from the demand for coffee capsules without the challenge of manufacturing them independently.

At Metropolis, we supply private label coffee capsules to a range of partners. After working to design a signature blend suited to each brand’s requirements, we then prepare the capsules. This means grinding, dosing, sealing, and nitrogen-flushing them using our state-of-the-art Italian filling machine, before packing them in branded shells and boxes.

But why do businesses choose private label coffee capsules? What are the benefits? And why not just handle it yourself? Read on to find out.

Manufacturing Metropolis private label coffee capsules at a factory.

What does “private label” mean?

Before we look at private label coffee capsules, let’s break down what private label products are.

A private label product is created by one company but sold under a different company’s brand name. Outside of coffee, there are several prominent examples. For instance, Walmart sells a "Great Value" range, while Costco offers "Kirkland Signature" products.

In the coffee industry, wholesale coffee roasters typically offer private label products. Private label coffee blends are a great example. Roasters prepare these their client's specifications. This is often because the client cannot roast coffee themselves. Once the coffee is roasted and shipped to them, they can either use it at their business or sell it under their brand.

For Metropolis private label coffee capsules, we take things one step further. We prepare a signature blend for our private label partners, but then go on to handle the complicated capsule filling process. 

Sam Lyden, Director of Sales at Metropolis Coffee Company, explains: “At Metropolis, we can launch your commercial or home compostable capsule by designing a coffee that works well in Nespresso original line machines.

“This is a proprietary product manufactured by Metropolis Coffee Company, but you wouldn't even know it was Metropolis that produced it if you didn’t ask.”

A coffee capsule brewer at a Thompson hotel.

Who can benefit from private label coffee capsules?

Private label coffee capsules are perfect for all kinds of businesses. As well as hotels and restaurants, they can be a great fit for coffee shops and roasters. 

For hospitality businesses, high-quality branded coffee capsules can improve customer experience while keeping your business front of mind. 

Let’s take hotels as an example. Research suggests that 75% of hotel guests find hotel coffee to be either “average or poor”, with a third stating that poor-quality coffee would deter them from returning. 

Beyond customer experience, businesses that buy private label coffee capsules can also benefit from direct sales. The demand for coffee capsules is constantly increasing, and customers want convenience without compromising on quality. 

Sourcing coffee capsules from a private label partner allows you to take advantage of this demand without the need to manufacture your own coffee capsules. 

With the investments we’ve made into processes, infrastructure, and our state-of-the-art filling line, we’re able to produce up to 14,000 capsules per hour.

In particular, Metropolis Coffee private label coffee capsules offer several key advantages:

  • They’re easy to use, requiring no existing knowledge of coffee brewing.
  • The espresso-style coffee is versatile – perfect on its own or as the base of another drink.
  • All of our signature blends are high-quality and designed to meet your customer profile.
  • The entire brewing process takes just minutes.
  • They are commercially compostable, making them a perfect alternative to plastic and aluminum capsules (which end up in landfills).

Ultimately, working with a private label partner allows you to avoid the challenges of coffee capsule manufacture while benefiting from the consistent increase in demand.

Roasting specialty coffee for private label coffee capsules.

Metropolis Coffee private label coffee capsules

Sam explains that the private label process starts with a conversation about each customer’s specific needs. 

“We can customize everything, from the coffee being used or the ring color of your commercially compostable capsules to the retail packaging that faces the customer,” Sam explains. “It’s a 100% customized job for each customer.”

As well as being tailored to customer specifications, our private label coffee capsules are also certified BPI and CMA commercially compostable. This means they meet the highest standards for commercial composting in the US. You can dispose of them at any industrial composting facility in the country.

We can also offer Fair Trade and organic certification for the signature blends we craft for private label partners. However, if you’d prefer to use an existing Metropolis blend, we also offer our standard capsule range on a wholesale basis.

Sam adds: “Currently, under the Metropolis label, we offer our award-winning coffees that have made a name for us in specialty coffee: Redline Espresso, La Cordillera, Spice Island, and Decaf Redline Espresso.

“They’re delicious and luxurious, having been scrutinized and tested over and over again by our specialty coffee teams.”

What about co-packing coffee capsules?

Finally, for companies who already have a coffee they want to pack into capsule form, we also offer a co-packing service. With this, you supply the coffee, and we grind, dose, fill, and seal each branded capsule before shipping directly to you.

Interested in learning more? Check out our wholesale co-packing and private-label espresso capsule solutions today.

Certified compostable facilities may not exist in your area. To find a composter near you, visit or on all packaging and marketing materials.

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