April 23, 2024

How wholesale coffee capsules can transform workplace coffee

A good cup of coffee can be the difference between a great day in the office and a bad one. But over the years, office coffee has earned a reputation for being low in quality. Historically, many offices have offered little more than an old drip machine and stale pre-ground coffee. But in the last few years, alternatives have emerged that balance convenience, versatility, an...
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April 12, 2024

Are all wholesale coffee capsules the same?

All wholesale coffee capsules have a consistent, recognizable shape. This is no coincidence: it's because they are exclusively compatible with Nespresso original line machines. However, appearances can be deceiving: even though they might look similar, not all wholesale coffee capsules are created equal. There are plenty of differentiating factors, from the coffee inside to ...
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April 09, 2024

How big is the US wholesale coffee capsule market?

Wholesale coffee capsules are becoming increasingly popular with hospitality businesses around the world. They can brew espresso-style coffee in seconds, making them excellent for hotels, restaurants, and cafés. However, capsules weren't always this popular. When Nespresso launched its coffee capsules in the 1970s, it initially focused on the European market. It took a while...
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March 15, 2024

Co-packing coffee capsules: Why should specialty coffee roasters start?

Co-packing for coffee capsules is when one company – such as a specialty coffee roaster – outsources the manufacture of its capsules to a third party. Co-packing is more valuable than ever for specialty coffee roasters because consumers increasingly want more convenient ways to drink better coffee. By outsourcing your capsule manufacture, you can tap into this demand and rea...
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March 08, 2024

How much coffee can you brew with a single wholesale coffee capsule?

Wholesale coffee capsules allow businesses and their customers to brew high-quality espresso-style coffee at the push of a button. You can only brew them once – but how much coffee does each capsule brew? Before answering this question, it’s essential to understand that wholesale coffee capsules are exclusively compatible with Nespresso original line brewers. These machines ...
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March 01, 2024

Is co-packing coffee capsules profitable for roasters?

Co-packing coffee capsules refers to when one company – often a roaster – outsources the filling and packaging of coffee capsules to a manufacturer. This allows the roaster to sell their own brand of coffee capsules without the need to invest in infrastructure, equipment, or training. Co-packing can help roasters enter a growing market quickly, without the long lead-time, op...
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