June 27, 2022

Cold Coffee 6 ways: How to Chill Out and Get Your Brew On

When the summer heat hits, many of us make the switch to iced coffee to make our caffeinated brew seasonally friendly.  But let’s face it, making the rich, flavorful brews you get at your local coffee shop can seem impossible. So what are you going to do? Well, we’ve got your back. Our coffee-obsessed team has put together the five easiest and tastiest ways to brew cold coff...
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March 01, 2021

Mom’s Coffee – Puerto Rico – Ethiopia – Suke Quto : The Story of Suke Quto

As a child, my mom made coffee through something that looked like a sock tied to a stick. She’d scoop beans into an electric whirring blade grinder then pour the grounds into the cloth tube, pounding the bottom of the grinder for the last few grounds like a the last drop from a reluctant ketchup bottle. She’d then pour water through the cloth tube, lifting it up and down,...
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February 11, 2021

Boris The Bagel Guy: Spice Island – Ginger Coffee

In our first week of business in December 2003, I arrived to open the café and found my dad sitting on the front counter chatting with Boris, the NY Bagel and Bialy delivery guy. It was around 4:30am and they were speaking Russian. I started stocking the pastry case, filling the condiment pitchers, turning on lights, etc. Something Boris said made my dad super excited and he...
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May 28, 2020

Brew Diligence: 3 Tips for Fantastic Cold Brew

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series. Summer is here and suddenly, boiling water seems less-than-appealing. Here are our Top 3 Tips For Fantastic Cold Brew. 1. USE COLD BREW BLEND We know you saw this one coming. But what you may not know is we’ve spent years developing and refining our recipe for this blend. From the raw coffee we source, to the ro...
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May 22, 2020

Single Origin Release: Colombia Inzá

For the last 4 years Metropolis has been buying coffee from the small family farms surrounding the town of Inzá in the Cauca department of Colombia. We were introduced to these coffees through our importing partner Mercanta and the relationship started in 2016 with two microlots from individual families: Familia Gomez & Maria Rosa Oidor. These coffees were incredibly com...
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May 08, 2020

Brew Diligence Day Six: Happy Hour!

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series. One thing we love almost as much as coffee is COCKTAILS. Lucky us, our Sales Rep, Sam, has a background in mixology. Sam recommends the recipe below, and Carrie from our Marketing Team made it using her own, um, rudimentary materials. Sam’s Espresso Martini 1.5 OZ VODKA Carrie Says: Sam did not specify a brand h...
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