October 09, 2023

Co-packing coffee capsules: How does it work?

The meteoric rise of coffee pods and capsules in recent years has been clear to see. Demand continues to grow – which is why so many hospitality businesses and coffee roasters and brands want to offer their own. Many of these businesses already have a coffee or product in mind for their capsules. However, theylack the infrastructure and expertise to pack it into espresso cap...
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September 29, 2023

What's the best coffee for wholesale coffee pods?

Recently, wholesale coffee pods and capsules have grown tremendously popular, giving hospitality businesses the ability to conveniently brew high-quality coffee and espresso beverages at the push of a button.   With the meteoric rise of wholesale coffee pods and capsules into the market, there are more coffee flavors, origins and roasts available than ever before. So, as mor...
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September 22, 2023

Can you make cold brew with coffee pods?

It’s no secret that cold brew coffee has exploded in popularity over the last few years. People who love cold brew coffee – but use coffee capsules – often ask whether it’s possible to make cold brew with coffee pods and capsules. What about other cold coffee drinks? Read on to answer these questions and to learn more. What is cold brew coffee? To prepare cold brew coffee, ...
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September 08, 2023

Who invented coffee pods and capsules?

Coffee pods and capsules have enjoyed remarkable success in recent years. They're now a staple in homes, restaurants, offices, and hotels around the world. However, just a few decades ago, single-serve coffee options like these were much rarer. Before the invention of coffee capsules, a few manufacturers sold tea bag-like single-serve coffee pods and coffee bags. It wasn’t u...
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September 01, 2023

How do you compost coffee capsules?

There are a countless number of options on the market for any consumer looking to buy coffee capsules. However, up until recently, most of them have been made from aluminum or single-use plastic. In response to changing consumer demands and a drive to lessen the environmental impact of the coffee industry, more sustainable alternatives are appearing – including compostable c...
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August 25, 2023

What are the best Nespresso original line capsules?

Coffee capsules give modern consumers the option to easily brew high-quality, espresso-style coffee in a range of places – whether they’re at home, in the office, or visiting hotels. Today, there’s a huge selection of coffee pods and capsules on the market, but one of the most popular formats is the Nespresso original line capsule. Nespresso launched in the late 1980s, and i...
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