May 01, 2020

Single Origin Release: Brazil Serra do Cabral

The Flanzer family began farming on the Serra do Cabral plateau in the 1970’s. Originally planted for forestry, brothers Marcelo and Roberto decided to diversify their land when they took over management from their father, Henrique, in 2000. Coffee had never been produced in the region before so Marcelo and Roberto started with a blank slate. They determined that pivot irrig...
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April 13, 2020

Brew Diligence Day Four: Cupping at Home

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series. Cupping is a method of tasting coffee used around the world by producers, buyers, roasters, and baristas to evaluate coffees and develop the flavor notes you see on bags of beans. Cupping is also a great activity to try at home when you don’t have quite enough of a bag left to brew a full cup or if you’d like to...
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April 01, 2020

Brew Diligence Day Three: Homemade Syrups

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series. With many beloved coffee shops temporarily closed, a lot of people may be missing their go-to lattes. While brewed coffee at home is delicious, there’s something special about a sweet coffee treat with your favorite flavors and hot milk.  Luckily, it’s super easy to make your own syrups for flavoring your at-hom...
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March 26, 2020

Brew Diligence Day Two: Cleaning That Icky Equipment

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our at-home coffee education series. Many of us are finding ourselves brewing more coffee than usual at home, or digging deep within our cabinets to bust out The Coffee Maker That Time Forgot. Giving your brewer a deep clean will keep it running smoothly and keep your coffee tasting its best. How to Clean an Automatic Coffee Maker NOTE: This method...
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March 20, 2020

Brew Diligence Day One: Sensory Exercises

Welcome to Brew Diligence, our new at-home coffee education series for the bored, trapped, and curious. We’ve got a number of fun things you can try all lined up, starting with today’s installment: Sensory Exercises. Our coffees always have one ingredient: coffee. But have you looked at a bag of coffee and wondered how we decide on flavor notes like brown sugar, guava, or hi...
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March 18, 2020

3 Ways to Support us During COVID-19

With our café and many of our partners closed, we are really in uncharted territory.Here are 3 things our Metropals can do to show support right now: 1. We’re still roasting, order online! Great coffee, roasted fresh, just for you. Both one-time orders and subscriptions help us a lot, and always check our top banner for coupon codes! You can also buy café gift cards to use ...
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