June 09, 2023

Are coffee capsules profitable?

  If you look around, it’s easy to see that coffee capsules are everywhere. And it’s not just coffee companies selling them either – every business from hotels to bars can now offer espresso capsules thanks to the rise of co-packing and private label options. But the prospect of selling your own capsules comes with a lot of questions. How much does it cost? What kind of equi...
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June 02, 2023

What are the biggest wholesale coffee capsule trends in 2023?

Coffee capsules have been a part of the industry for decades now and there's no denying how popular they are with customers around the world. But what about businesses? Well, in recent years, wholesale coffee capsules have become far more popular. Businesses from hotels and resorts to restaurants and bars are buying coffee capsules in greater volume than ever, and there’s mo...
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May 26, 2023

What's the difference between coffee pods and capsules?

Coffee pods and coffee capsules – so many people use these phrases interchangeably. And they share a lot of similarities: they’re both single-serve, similar in size and brewed using a purpose-built machine. But for the similarities, there are plenty of differences – and anybody looking to buy or brew either needs to understand just how different they are. At Metropolis, we m...
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May 18, 2023

Is dark roast coffee better than light roast for coffee capsules?

Look around any major store and you’ll see how popular coffee pods and coffee capsules are right now. This boom has meant that we’ve now got more choices than ever before. Today, there is a large range of flavors, origins and roast profiles on offer. But to be honest, it can also be a little confusing. What’s the difference between Ethiopian and Brazilian coffee? Which brand...
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May 12, 2023

How long do nitrogen-flushed coffee capsules stay fresh?

As easy as they are to use, coffee capsules are difficult to manufacture. To make them, we roast coffee, grind it to the perfect size using a state-of-the-art roller mill, pack the perfectly ground coffee into a capsule shell, then seal the capsule with filter paper. After this, however, there is then the matter of ensuring it stays fresh. At Metropolis, we flush our coffee ...
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October 07, 2022

The Definitive, Comprehensive, All-in-One Guide to Coffee Roast Levels

Read this guide to sound smarter when you order coffee at brunch.“What kind of coffee comes from a cat’s butt?” The answer, my curious friend, is Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is very expensive, mostly produced in Indonesia, and no, we don’t have any on our menu. We get asked this question a lot, but not nearly as much as we get asked about roast level.How often have you been aske...
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