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We support local artists. Metropolis frequently showcases an artist’s work in our café as a full gallery. All pieces are available for purchase and 100% of the sale goes to the artist.



I was born in Lome Togo on the seashores of the Atlantic ocean, just south of the equator, in a place where the earth and the sounds in the air intermingle with the constant rhythm of love and friendship. In this first show, Emergence, I have grouped connected pieces of my work spanning the last fifteen years. During this period, I solidified my focus in abstract expressionism and color field while drawing inspiration from the earth’s landscape. In this first show, you will see themes that reverberate with the blues and energy of water from Lake Michigan to the Atlantic Ocean.


My first teacher in art was my maternal grandmother, Thelma Thomas, who brought me with her to her ceramics classes as a child. She also gave me my first sets of chalk pastels and painting sets. In Nairobi, Kenya where I lived for three years, I appreciated my parent’s vision to allow me to enroll in private painting classes with a local artist.  In high school to the great chagrin of my parents, I took two years of art and advanced art in place of Chemistry, with a great teacher at Maxwell international Baha’i School. Ms. Weech’s instructive and encouraging hand solidified a personal commitment to the visual form. In college, I elected to pursue a career in education but maintained personal time to journal and work on my art. I sought feedback about work from both formal and informal artists. Of those, I considered my teachers, who were gracious to instruct me whether it was an hour or a semesters include Linda Weech, Hooper Dunbar, Otto Donald Rogers, and Paula Henderson. Paula Henderson’s advice around 2006 to unabashedly be unforgiving with my work and push the limits of revision beyond my comforts accelerated my learning about my craft. 

Aris, my firstborn, through both his birth and direction in my life, has been a fantastic partner in the creative process. Saturday morning has been our special time where he and I have taken time to paint even for 20 minutes. The picture below speaks to his direction. Here he is pointing to me saying, “Daddy go paint, me paint you paint.” His passion for painting rekindled my own passion for the form. We often then followed our painting sessions with a visit to our favorite Metropolis coffee shop.

I must express appreciation to my wife, who has supported my work since our first meetings in 2008. Her confidence has been foundational to this show, even being possible. I am grateful for the eternal encouragement of my brother, sister and parents.  Thank you also to my father-in-law, who I call Picasso for his tremendous talent and gift for creating excellence, such a with the framing of my work, and all things else. Lastly, I am proud to introduce a partnership with Hamida, my mother-in law, a talented educator, and artist.  I am grateful for her collaboration and proud to present in this show two pieces, Kian’s Gift and one unveiled at Metropolis, starting December 7, 2019.

I am thrilled to present you with “Emergence” at Metropolis Coffee Shop. 


Come see some of Andalib’s work at the Metropolis Cafe.

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