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Do Rite donuts

Our Granville café offers a variety of pastries, pies, quiches, and ‘made-to-order’ breakfast options, served alongside our freshly roasted and brewed coffee and handmade specialty drinks.

We roast great coffee, and we wanted our café to have equally great food offerings, so we sample some of the best bakeries in Chicago all in one place! Below are some of our favorite folks to work with.

Hewn: Hand Forged Artisan Bread

All of their breads are naturally fermented without any preservatives, chemicals or additives. Hewn uses 100% organic ingredients and each loaf is baked fresh everyday.  The majority of their flour is locally sourced from farms in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company Deluxe Recipes

PIE. Pie pie pie pie pie. That should be enough to get you in here, but we would like to add they also provide us with amazing QUICHE. An Evanston favorite and a Metropolis classic, we have a plethora of Hoosier Mama pies and quiches to choose from every day!

Middle East Bakery and Grocery

These handpies look unassuming but pack an awesome pocket of meat or veggies. Middle East Bakery provides another easy grab-and-go treat when you don’t have time for a full lunch!

Do-Rite Donuts and Coffee

We all go nuts for doughnuts, and Do-Rite Donuts takes it to another level. Another staple in the Metropolis Café pastry arsenal, Do-Rite delivers a variety of fresh, delicous, delectable doughnuts every morning!

New York Bagel & Bialy

You can’t have breakfast without bagels, and what rhymes with bagels? New York! Another daily fresh delivery to the Metropolis café is the ever so good New York Bagel & Bialy bagels, a morning must!