Coffee Gear

Coffee Gear

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Chemex Brewer

Retro hipster pour-over coffee device makes some totally killer (and stylish) java. 8-cup = 40oz

Chemex Filters

Magical, thick filters, optimized by and for Chemex. Easier than origami, ya cheapskate. 100-pack.

Hario V60 Dripper

Level up your (hipster &) drip coffee game with this gorgeous manual pour-over cone by Hario.

Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper

Iconic ceramic pourover dripper by Kalita uses a patented 3-hole design for more even extraction.

Kalita 102 Filters

Decorative plaid box of 40 Kalita 102 Filters. Designed exclusively for the Kalita 102 pourover dripper.

Toddy Filters. 1 Gallon

Fits the 1-gallon Toddy device. 20-pack makes up to 20 gallons (Also known as 3074 oz).