We have a variety of marketing materials available.

If you are looking for marketing support for your coffee program, Metropolis is dedicated to helping you let your customers know that you are serving high-quality Metropolis coffee, and that you care about quality, sustainability, and supporting small businesses. We can work with you to have your brand shine through front and center, with Metropolis playing a supporting role or larger, depending on your vision.

We have a variety of marketing materials available including signage, printed cups & sleeves, printed informational postcards about the coffees served, buttons and stickers, window signs, as well as shout outs on our well-followed social media feeds, blog posts, etc. We also have a widget on our website, allowing customers seeking Metropolis Coffee to find you easily.

Our wholesale customers are our stars, and we know that most people that taste our coffee taste it at businesses like yours. In that, we’ll support you with great design and plenty of collateral, customized to your business if you so desire.