As legend has it, coffee was discovered accidentally by a herd of goats in Ethiopia. A goatheard, Kaldi, from the Kaffa region of Ethiopia, observed his sheep behaving oddly after ingesting the red cherries of a certain plant. The animals became unusually active, dancing and kicking in the air. INtrigured, Kaldi decided to try some of the fruit for himself, and lo and behold, the goatherd from Absynnia experienced the first human coffee buzz.

As Kaldi danced with his goats, the story relates that a monk happened by and scolded the goatherd for "partaking in the devil's fruit". Despite their reservations, the monks soon relaized that the mystical fruit could help them stay alert during extensive prayer sessions - (the "devil's fruit" or "nectar of the Gods"? You make the call). In any case , these particular events led to the consumption of the coffee bean in the region which is now Ethiopia.