Metropolis Coffee Company
Roasting Garage
3057 N. Rockwell St., Bldg. 1R   (Map)
Chicago, IL. 60618

t.   773.338.4904
f.   773.338.4908
e.   info@metropoliscoffee.com
h.   M–F 8am–5pm

Sales   info@metropoliscoffee.com 773-338-4904
Twitter @mtropoliscoffee
Donations * philanthropy@metropoliscoffee.com

* Metropolis Coffee Company is part of a large community, stretching between the farms that grow our coffee and the kitchens where we share a cup. Community is key, and we support our communities through a large range of donations. Please email us with the details of your donation request and, if we can accommodate your request, we will. We tend to favor local NFP.