July 07, 2023

How can customized coffee capsules enhance the guest experience at a hotel?

Customer experience is everything for hotels. As a cornerstone of the hospitality industry, they have to focus on making every guest’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

Many factors influence a guest’s experience at a hotel. And while most people might think of the room or the amenities available, for others, the finer touches – like the coffee – can make all the difference.

By offering a convenient, quality-driven coffee solution for guests, hotels can give them one more reason to come back next time. And at Metropolis, we think that the best way to do this is through customized coffee capsules.

Let’s take a look at how customized coffee capsules can keep guests happy. Read on to learn more.

Customized coffee capsules in a bespoke display case.

How coffee capsules became the go-to format for hotels

When it comes to in-room luxuries at a hotel, convenience, and accessibility are key. For coffee, capsules fit these requirements perfectly, making them the obvious choice.

Coffee capsules can be used to brew coffee at the touch of a button. This means no need for extensive coffee knowledge or experience with craft coffee brewing methods – but nonetheless, the final result is still high in quality.

Furthermore, the short brewing time puts capsule machines at a distinct advantage compared to other methods – it’s even quicker than instant coffee. This means that even as they’re checking out, guests can take a couple of minutes to enjoy a coffee before they leave.

But it’s not just great for guests – supplying capsules can be simple and easy for hotel operators too.

An example of a customized coffee capsule box.

What exactly are customized coffee capsules?

These are exactly what they sound like: coffee capsules that are custom-designed for a specific brand or company.

Tony Dreyfuss is the President and Founder of Metropolis Coffee Company. He explains that coffee capsules can be customized in several different ways to suit a brand’s needs.

Coffee capsules can be made from various materials including aluminum, plastic, and plant matter. How you customize your capsules understandably depends on the material they’re made of.

At Metropolis, we sell commercially compostable espresso capsules compatible with Nespresso original line machines. These can be printed with small, customized rings on the capsules, showcasing your brand colors or logo.

But beyond the capsules themselves, there are even more opportunities for customization. Packaging is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand – and that’s why we offer bespoke boxes to our private label partners.

As well as this, we also offer custom display cases for hotel rooms, which can feature brewing guides and information about the coffee.

Metropolis Coffee packaging in a warehouse.

What are the benefits of customized coffee capsules?

Tony explains that there are many benefits to using customized coffee capsules, from increased brand equity to better quality control.

Read on to learn more.

Good quality coffee

A 2021 study by UCC Coffee found that 75% of hotel guests rated the quality of in-room coffee as poor or average. Around 30% of those surveyed added that the quality of the coffee on offer would determine whether they would stay again.

This demonstrates that many hotel guests are simply not satisfied with what’s on offer. It’s also evidence that coffee quality does impact a guest’s overall opinion of the hotel.

With customized coffee capsules, you can tackle this by ensuring consistent quality – no matter who’s brewing the coffee.

Bespoke, branded blends

Branding is a key conversation for hotels. Typically, everything in a room from the towels to soap is branded, reminding customers of what the hotel does to keep them comfortable. So why not take it one step further?

“Hotels have the opportunity to serve a proprietary blend, designed by a chef or culinary team, to echo and reinforce the culinary direction of the brand,” Tony says. “This allows for an all-encompassing guest experience, rather than having it end at the room door.”

Customized coffee capsules also create an opportunity to double down on brand voice.

“Hotels can do something unique that touches on the vision of the hotel or the community that it is in,” Tony adds. “We also offer additional in-room assets to really complete the brand’s presence in the bespoke coffee program. Branded luxury display boxes, printed compostable or ceramic espresso cups, or even customizable capsule brewers… these are the differences that make a difference.”

Intellectual property

In addition to improving brand awareness, Tony explains that capsules can be a platform to reinforce a brand’s intellectual property, rather than showcasing someone else’s brand.

“This becomes part of its intellectual property forever,” he explains. “They can offer guests a continuous experience no matter what coffee they use. Customized coffee capsules become a vehicle to extend culinary or brand vision into the room through something tangible.

“Guests can take home the coffee experience from the room,” Tony agrees.


Businesses sometimes look at customization as an unnecessary cost. However, Tony explains that customized coffee capsules can sometimes be cheaper than branded alternatives – although this will vary case-by-case.

Commercially compostable coffee capsules are easy to dispose of. When a staff member cleans a hotel room, they can simply empty the spent capsules from the machine, saving time and money – before separating them to dispose of them at an industrial composting facility.

Our espresso capsules also boast a 12 to 24-month shelf life, thanks to our cutting-edge nitrogen flushing process. That means less waste – which is a recurring issue for many hospitality businesses.

Team morale

Perhaps the most unexpected benefit of offering customized capsules is the experience involved in creating them.

Tony recalls feedback from organizations that have developed their own capsules, with one describing it as an “uplifting experience”.

“It can be very rewarding for the team to work closely with a roasting partner to design something,” he says. “Doing this can lift everyone’s spirits and create a lot of team bonding.

“This can work across categories from the guest services team, the culinary team, and the operations team, who can all work together to create something really unique that feels important to the brand.”

There are many benefits to offering customized coffee capsules at hotels and other hospitality businesses. As well as being an excellent marketing opportunity, it can significantly enhance a guest’s experience.

Our coffee capsule solutions

Here at Metropolis Coffee, we offer two distinct ways for businesses to sell their own branded coffee capsules: private-label coffee capsules and co-packed coffee capsules.

With private-label coffee capsules, our team works with you to develop one or more signature coffee blends, before packing them into branded capsules.

Co-packed coffee capsules, meanwhile, are where we take your roasted coffee, grind and fill it into capsules, before flushing and sealing them – your beans, your brand.

Interested in learning more? Check out our wholesale co-packing and private-label espresso capsule solutions today.

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