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Visit Our Factory Store

Commemorate your trip to our roasterie with a pit stop at our factory store. Snag a few bags of your newfound favorite brews to take home (we’re not saying you have to share, of course).

A One-Of-A-Kind Tour

Remember that episode of Mr. Rogers where he goes to the crayon factory? Our roasterie tour is totally like that. Our free tour will take you through the coffee roasting and bagging process from green to brown to bag. You’ll get some Metropolis folklore and finish with a cupping (a professional coffee term for coffee tasting) of a selection of curated coffees, led by a member of our roasting team.

Due to COVID, we have paused the roasterie tours. Please email for more information. We look forward to reuniting with you soon.

Visit The Roasterie
Virtual Tour

Bummed that tours are paused for COVID? Check out these cool photos and videos of the roasting process—plus a 3-D tour of our facility.

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