Brew Gear & Cleaning Supplies

Brew Gear & Cleaning Supplies

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Like an exfoliant cleanser for the groups on your espresso machine. Scrubs oils and residue.

Chemex Brewer

Retro hipster pour-over coffee device makes some totally killer (and stylish) java. 8-cup = 40oz

Chemex Filters

Magical, thick filters, optimized by and for Chemex. Easier than origami, ya cheapskate. 100-pack.


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Grinder cleaning tablets by Urnex keeps your burr grinder squeaky behind the ears. 15.2oz.

Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper

Iconic ceramic pourover dripper by Kalita uses a patented 3-hole design for more even extraction.

Kalita 102 Filters

Decorative plaid box of 40 Kalita 102 Filters. Designed exclusively for the Kalita 102 pourover dripper.


Special formula removes milk crust, residue and build-up from your frother or steam wand.


Product specially designed to remove oils, stains and residue from your carafe and brew basket.

Toddy Filters. 1 Gallon

Fits the 1-gallon Toddy device. 20-pack makes up to 20 gallons (Also known as 3074 oz).
Brew Gear & Cleaning Supplies

Up your brewing game with premium brewing equipment sourced from industry-preferred brands. Order online and get everything you need delivered right to your doorstep.

Be your own Home Barista, and start brewing with our hand-selected coffee makers and accessories. 

When you make as much coffee as we do, you've tried it all (and we don't just mean types of beans). There are countless fancy gadgets and devices, but you don't necessarily need the most expensive or bulkiest piece of coffee cold brew gear to make amazing coffee at home.

Best Practices for Any Coffee Brew

  • Buy fresh coffee
  • Grind fresh if possible, and ideally with a high-quality burr grinder
  • Use a scale
  • Use fresh, filtered water no matter how you take your coffee 

Want to Get Way, Way into Your Brew?

  • Stir or swirl your bloom.
  • Grab an Aeropress and try out a myriad of different recipes.
  • Cup coffees are next to each other.
  • Experiment with different coffee brewing devices.
  • Make your water (well, add minerals to it, don’t do advanced chemistry or anything)

No matter who you are or how you like it, we hope this helps you get the most from your brew!